Closed/Expired: United nations/Ranan Lurie political cartoon award

United nations/Ranan Lurie political cartoon award

These awards are granted for the best political cartoons reflecting the spirit and the principles of the United Nations.

Entries must represent work done from the beginning of September 2014, to the 15th of October 2015, reflecting the importance of human dignity, mutual respect and friendship among nations, as well as economic consideration and environmental responsibilities towards each other. While cartoonists may send in what ever they please, the contest does not encourage maligning member nations or their leaders. Winning cartoons will be chosen for their high professional standards in art, political analysis of events, projection of events to come, humor, while emphasizing the spirit and principles of the U.N. The entry must consist of reproductions only. The cartoon reproductions will be accepted only as published, with name of publication, language, and date included, accompanied by a newspaper reprint, and translated into English. Exhibits are limited to two cartoons per person. Reproductions must be presented measuring no larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches.

Awards:- Prizes: 1st – 10,000 USD and a plaque • 2nd – 5,000 USD and a plaque • 3rd – 3,000 USD and a plaque

Deadline:- 31-12-2015

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