Closed/Expired: UNV Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge in ASEAN 2017

Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge

The Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge (YVIC), under the theme “Impact ASEAN,” supports young volunteers throughout the ASEAN region in their journey to catalyze youth-led innovation for social impact and sustainable development by providing access to mentors and capital they need to start or scale up their projects. UNV is looking for innovative projects that focus on:

  • Leveraging volunteering for the localisation of the SDGs – How can volunteerism contribute to data collection and tracking of SDG progress? What are new ways to localize SDGs?
  • Sustainable Behaviour – How can you influence sustainable behaviour through youth volunteerism?
  • Developing Skills for Life and Work

These innovative projects are called “Impact Projects” and will be used as a tool to support volunteer initiatives and to promote the idea of ‘leaving no-one behind’ and social innovation.

Challenge Details

The YVIC will facilitate a 2-step approach to incubate and accelerate these projects:

  • Start Up “Ideation and Prototype”

In this stage, youth from different backgrounds who have brilliant ideas will be given an opportunity and the space to formulate and prototype their ideas. The participant has an “idea on paper” without a working prototype or has a working “minimum viable” model of their product or service, but no revenue yet.

  • Scale Up “Growth and Maturity”

Focus of this stage is to select and support a team whose project is already in the implementation and growth stage. The participating team has customers or beneficiaries and a functioning revenue model, but their business model is neither at scale nor cash-flow positive yet. Or the participant has its operating business model at scale, is cash-flow positive and/or has raised or is in the process of raising significant external funding.


  • The 3 winning teams from the National Workshops alongside 7 selected teams from ASEAN countries will be invited to compete in a Regional Workshop.
  • 3 winners will win a Scale Up Grant worth up to 10,000 USD and mentorship on growth and expansion for the following 3 months.

Deadline:- 30-04-2017

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