Closed/Expired: USDA School Meal Programs Verification Response Rate Challenge

USDA School Meal Programs Verification Response Rate Challenge

The “Verification Response Rate Challenge” is a public forum for school district officials to exchange ideas on how to increase household response in the annual verification process. District staff can share their own verification success stories or they can build on others’ submissions with constructive feedback and suggestions. Either way, the goal is to encourage dialog, refine ideas, and put great strategies to work.

Your contribution may help other school districts increase their verification response rates, reduce the time and expense associated with repeat follow-up reminders to households, and reduce the risk that eligible children lose access to program benefits.

The challenge is structured as a contest to maximize engagement and help uncover the most effective solutions. A panel of distinguished judges will review participant submissions on criteria that include proven success, cost effectiveness, practicality, and creativity. USDA will feature submissions recognized in several categories at this summer’s School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference in Atlanta.


Potential Game ChangerJudges will select up to three solutions for recognition as “Potential Game Changers,” the contest’s top award.
Popular ChoiceThe solution that receives the highest average rating from among the five entries with the greatest number of votes received will be recognized as the “Popular Choice.”
Best DocumentedJudges may select a solution based on the strength of evidence given in support of its impact on household response rates.
Honorable MentionJudges may select up to two solutions not recognized in another category for “Honorable Mention” based on the same criteria used to select the “Potential Game Changers.”
Deadline:- 15-06-2017