Closed/Expired: UVU Social Innovation Challenge: Water Conservation by Herox

UVU Social Innovation Challenge: Water Conservation by Herox

Submit an innovative solution that will significantly reduce per-capita water use, ensure water quality and quantity and/or improve information about water in Utah communities.

The Problem:

Utah will not have water to support its population by 2050. Utahns need to have clean, affordable water to support thriving communities and businesses, robust local agriculture, a healthy environment, and recreation. Even as the population grows, they need to have enough water to support themselves and future generations. Utahns envision using less water in their homes, businesses and yards, so they can have water for other uses like food production and sustaining natural habitats, as well as for new homes and businesses. The problem is relevant and increasingly urgent with many opportunities to innovate by:

  • Reducing outdoor watering per household
  • Creating water-wise landscaping and irrigation practices
  • Improving water infrastructure to minimize system losses
  • Improving understanding of the amount of water in and the function of water basins, including the critical groundwater basins
  • Increasing opportunities to ensure appropriate flows in critical reaches of rivers

Utah needs to ensure that futures generations have sufficient water to sustain Utah’s population and a strong economy. Utah must use less water per person and provide enough water for agriculture that allows farms to thrive and increase food production. Utah must guarantee that streams and lakes have sufficient water to sustain wildlife, support recreation and maintain and improve water quality in watersheds and water supplies.

Awards:- $8,000

Deadline:- 25-11-2016

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