Expired: Venice recreation centre competition

Venice recreation centre competition

The purpose of this Ideas Competition is to generate solutions that can have an impact in the cultural activity of the city. This Competition aims to breathe new life into this sector of the Lido Island, benefit the surrounding community through the successful restoration of this healthcare building into a relevant cultural equipment and spark the reactivation of these series of unused buildings and spaces.

This is a single stage Ideas Competition with the aim of identifying the best proposal for a Cultural Building Refurbishment in Lido Island – Venice, Italy. Underlining this assignment a series of question can here be raised: – How can abandoned urban sites can be brought back to life and benefit their communities? – How can a cultural Program and its public activities successfully activate and regenerate an urban sector? – How will the existing buildings be adapted to respond to future transformations? – How should the memory of the place be recovered and integrated in the new functions of the site?

Awards:- 1st €3500, 2nd €1000, 3rd €500

Deadline:- 30-04-2016

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