Closed/Expired: Veterans Online Memorial Challenge

Veterans Online Memorial Challenge

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) National Cemetery Administration (NCA) seeks to create an interactive digital experience that enables virtual memorialization of the millions of people interred at VA national cemeteries. This online memorial space will allow visitors to honor, cherish, share, and pay their respects and permit researchers, amateurs, students, and professionals to share information about Veterans.

The VA already has the core data and the future development plan to execute on this online memorial concept. We are seeking your best idea of website features or integrations that will make the interactive process meaningfulengaging, and appropriate for all future audiences.

The ideas submitted in this challenge may be utilized in followon challenges that will execute on Topcoder.

The mission of the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) is to memorialize Veterans in perpetuity.

NCA does this through the national cemeteries as well as through various memorial benefits available to eligible Veterans, their spouses, and dependents. NCA maintains 3.5 million gravesites at 135 national cemeteries. Currently, there are only a few methods to memorialize and commemorate the people and the legacy contained within these cemeteries, none of which are digital. NCA seeks to expand its interactive digital capabilities to better engage the public (rather than simply informing it).

Currently, approximately half of NCA’s national cemeteries are closed to burial, and that number will increase over time. NCA, in its commitment to memorialize Veterans in perpetuity, seeks to make available the stories of service and sacrifice of Veterans of all periods.

NCA seeks an online memorial space that is a digital projection of the culture and decorum of the national cemeteries.

Awards:- $10,000

Deadline:- 01-12-2017