Viber city vibe sticker contest

Viber city vibe sticker contest

Messaging app Viber invites artists and creative minds from around the world to create original stickers inspired by international cities for their Viber city vibe sticker contest , My Vibe global design initiative.

Stickers are used in Viber conversations to express an emotion, a reaction or a statement instead of just plain, boring text messages.Your sticker designs can be sketches, graphic design or photo-based images. Your sticker designs must be communicative and usable within an instant messaging chat (for example: I love it here!, On my way, Where are you?, Still waiting, See you there, Let’s party etc.)”.


Twenty selected finalists will receive $1,000.

Out of the twenty finalists, five artists will be selected to receive the opportunity to work with the Viber design studio to develop their design into sticker packs.

18th November 2015

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