Closed/Expired: Virtual life Bio-Art Contest

Virtual life Bio-Art Contest

A virtual reality that integrates two separate world opens our eyes to new possibilities and perspectives. Based on its own possibilities, digital media made people express artistic imagination in wide range through technical imagination. In this environment, many works related to human life lower the borders between the areas of art and technology, suggesting a whole new paradigm.

A life can be a substance or not. Information also can be considered a sort of life. The main agent can be expanded not only to human and nature but also to virtual life. Each agent of life creates own unique image and generates creative and artistic events with digital media.

We expect to see virtual life that would be created by combination of biology, digital technology and a

Awards:- The total value of prizes is 10,000,000 KRW (approx. 9,000 US$).

Deadline:- 20-08-2017

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