Closed/Expired: Visibility solution for Oral B manual toothbrushes challenge

Visibility solution for Oral B manual toothbrushes challenge

A lot of people in India shop for everyday groceries in the millions of small neighborhood shops instead of at big retail chains or online. They find a surprising variety of goods, if they know where to look, including Oral B, the “expert” toothbrush brand endorsed by dentists.  Oral B is the #2 toothbrush brand in India and has many different brushes on offer.

Shoppers almost never include a toothbrush on their grocery list. So, it’s almost always a spontaneous purchase that happens as shoppers literally pass through the toothbrush aisle and realize that it’s time to replace their old toothbrush.

However, in these small shops, there is no ‘toothbrush aisle.’ Instead, there is a box stowed behind the counter. To trigger a toothbrush purchase, a shopper must see a visual cue for toothbrushes on or behind the counter and ask to see the toothbrushes. The Retailer will then place the box on the counter to allow the shopper to touch & feel the different brushes to make his decision.

Since all brands & all types of toothbrushes end up jumbled together in this box, it’s hard for the shopper to choose what to buy. The toothbrushes start to look alike, so many shoppers take the easy way out: they buy the N°1 brand by habit, and choose the brush based on price.

Each brand has tried to develop its own branded box and convince the Retailer to place it on the counter for easy access, but the Retailer prefers to put them all in one box, and keep them behind the counter. If the Retailer were to make an exception, it must be for a very smart and efficient solution!

Please see some examples of toothbrush boxes below:

Our sponsor, Oral-B, needs your help to create a new design for a toothbrush visibility solution to help retailers present the entire range of toothbrushes. For obvious reasons, they’d like Oral B toothbrushes to stand out, to help shoppers find the right Oral B product quicker. Can you help?

Creative Challenge

Design a new eye-catching, yet practical visibility solution that will make it easier for shoppers to find Oral B toothbrushes in small Indian shops. 


  • #1 Prize €2,250
  • #2 Prize €1,000
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 29-04-2018

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