Volunteer and Learn Russian program

Volunteer and Learn Russian program

“Enjoy Russian” language school offers a unique opportunity to come to learn the Russian language in Russia and volunteer to interesting projects. This is your way to improve the language skills and live like a real Russian for a while! People from 46 countries have already enjoyed the program.

You may participate in the following volunteering projects:

  1. International Summer Camp for kids and teenagers (from the beginning of June to August, Russian summer course)
  2. Volunteer at foreing language classes for kids and teens (all year round)
  3. Orginize a language cafe for adults (the place where people gather together to discuss interesting topics and crucial problems, drink tea or coffee, meet new people and practice Italian, French, Chinese, German and other languages)
  4. Come up with your own idea. That could be some special activity depending on your hobbies and creativity!




  • You learn the Russian language with professional tutors and through the efficient program.
  • After you finish the course you get a certificate.
  • You dive into cultural events taking place in Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg.
  • You may visit world famous Kizhi island, see the historical and the most beautiful village Kinerma, take a tour to a waterfall and dogs/deer farm, experience Russian banya!
  • You may choose to live in the Russian family, which means a constant practice of the language.
  • Russian speaking volunteers will help the students to find the way around.

Deadline:- T.B.A

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