WARMING Architecture Competition

WARMING Architecture Competition

Our world is changing.

Imagine Miami Beach permanently underwater, hurricanes constantly clashing against Manhattan, devastating droughts in London, and heatwaves that render Barcelona unlivable.

A future like this currently occupies our imagination but inches closer to reality each day.

WARMING calls on students and professionals from the fields of architecture, planning, and design to submit projects that respond to our changing climate and the environment.

WARMING competition participants are asked to propose new or adapted architecture that addresses issues of global warming. Participants are free to experiment and explore the subject – designs can be of any program, any scale, and on any site.

For this competition participants can submit their ideas for any building type such as houses, parks, skyscrapers, schools, museums, and more. Projects can explore topics such as sea-level rise, wildfires, air quality, passive design, materials, and recycling.


Overall Winner – $5,000 + Book Feature + Exhibition (Sponsored by Enscape)

Prevention Award – $1,000 + Book Feature + Exhibition

Reactive Award – $1,000 + Book Feature + Exhibition

Honorable Mentions – Book Feature + Exhibition

Directors Choice – Book Feature + Exhibition


Deadline:- 03-08-2020

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