Expired: We are all migrant poster competition

We are all migrant poster competition

Promoting educational campaigns in favour of Human Rights using design, art and other cultural manifestations, the association Escucha mi Voz is organising the We Are All Migrants Poster Competition 2016.

Immigrations are inherent in the history of mankind. For centuries, people have migrated in search of better working and social conditions. A lot of current immigration are caused by some processes of economic globalization where logic prevails social exclusion, but whatever the circumstances of immigration, that which moves travelers to migrating remains the hope to find something better, something different, other possible worlds and realities. Sharpen pencils and let’s awaken creativity to express this broad spectrum of human migration, knowing that at the end we have all come somewhere, and at the end, we all have to emigrate. Format requirements: 2953 x 4134 pixels (50 x 70 cm) at 150 dpi in RGB, vertical format. Posters must be original. Each participant will be able to submit up to 3 posters.

Awards:- Traveling exhibitions in Mexico (and probably in Latin American and North American countries as well).

Deadline:- 07-06-2016

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