Closed/Expired: Wild Photon Spacetime Omnibus Short Science Fiction Contest 2018

Spacetime Omnibus Short Science Fiction Contest

Entries are invited for the Wild Photon Spacetime Omnibus Short Science Fiction Contest 2018. Wild Photon aims to bring home some wonderful short stories for their first anthology via the Spacetime Omnibus Contest.

Wild Photon are publishers and promoters of literary and artistic works from the cutting edge of modern thought and creative expression. They take pride in their passion for written words and their love of visual delights, and they believe in the value of quality. Their books endeavor to be works of art. Their art strives to tell stories. Join them on their journey into systems unknown.


  • The top pick’s author will receive $3,000 USD and have their original short story published in the upcoming first volume of The Spacetime Omnibus science fiction anthology series as “Editor’s Choice”. They will also receive a prize package containing a $100 Kindle eGift card and a WP Limited Edition book;
  • 10 runners-up will also be rewarded with publication in the first volume of The Spacetime Omnibus. A free WP Limited Edition book and $100 Kindle eGift Card will be theirs to enjoy.

Deadline:- 01-11-2018

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