Expired: Wolfsburg award for urban vision

Wolfsburg award for urban vision

Every year, Wolfsburg gives out a university award that pays tribute to innovative projects relating to the city on the topic of “City Region History.” The eligible students come from the disciplines of urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation and the arts. For the first time, with the 2015 offer of the prize, the “WOLFSBURG AWARD for urban vision” is open to students from all European universities.

The potential entries are not limited by topic. Their range is defined by the fields of urban and landscape planning, building and industrial construction, building history, historical preservation, structural engineering/structural framework planning, as well as a set of themes: “City Space History.” There is a desire for contributions that further develop the architectural and urban development qualities of the City of Wolfsburg, works that grapple with the special history of its emergence, and new models for further consideration. Value is placed on innovative or experimental approaches that promise new stimuli. The limits of technology and thinking can be plumbed. Work with interdisciplinary results is especially welcome.

Awards:- 1st €2500 , Honorable Mentions – in total €2500

Deadline:- 08-08-2016

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