Closed/Expired: Women Photograph 2018

Women Photograph 2018

Women Photograph is excited to announce their 2018 project grants for women & non-binary photographers.

Women Photograph + Nikon Grants

These $5,000 grants will support photography projects — either new or in-progress — from visual journalists working in a documentary capacity. Five grants are available, one of which will be earmarked for a non-binary or transgender photographer. Applicants are encouraged to submit a story, rather than singles, as part of the grant application. The images need not be related to the project proposal. Multimedia projects are welcome.

Women Photograph + Getty Images Grant

Women Photograph has partnered with Getty Images to award a $10,000 grant in support of an ongoing documentary project from a professional photojournalist who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to their story. Applicants should submit portfolios of 20-25 images indicating that a substantial amount of work has already been completed, and that the photographer has a clear vision of what further work is needed to complete the project. Additional consideration will be given to applicants who evince a personal connection to – and engagement with – the communities they cover.


  • Grantees will retain full ownership of all work completed. Women Photograph, Getty Images, and Nikon may all ask for the use of promotional images to be used explicitly in conjunction with promoting the photographer, the work, and the grants.
  • Women Photograph + Nikon Grants
    • $5,000 grants
  •  Women Photograph + Getty Images Grant
    • $10,000 prize for winning applicant
    • Option to have Getty Images’ editorial guidance throughout your project

Deadline:- 15-05-2018

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