Expired: Women and Sustainable Development innovation contest

Women and Sustainable Development innovation

Because the world changes, because every action is important, because everyone can act, share your ideas on the theme “Women and Sustainable Development ‘.

If you dream of a sustainable, respectful, enjoyable world for all. If you think that collective action and intelligence can help. If you imagine ways to build the world of tomorrow. If you think that exchanging ideas with correspondents from around the world can help to be more innovative … then join us!

  • You are more geek and imagine a world connected to the preservation of biodiversity?
  • You are more Zen and imagine that everything goes through sharing, education, meditation to build the world as we wish?
  • You are humanistic and want to propose technological solutions for access to new technologies for women with disabilities and / or elderly frightened by digital?
  • You are more voulez- warrior and get started in digital battle for sustainable development?
  • You are more trendy and want to surf the connected objects and VR helmets to model a more inclusive world for all?
  • You are more fengshui and want to use social networks to shape the energies towards an overall balance and equality and diversity in civil society and business?
  • You are more environmentally punk and want to use artificial intelligence to slasher and change activities as long as your causes and the planet are defended?

In short, whatever your style, your values, your skills: invent a whole world of tomorrow more sustainable, more diverse, more joint, more inclusive.

Everyone can contribute and exchange ideas, however only the carrier of ideas women will be accompanied by * WHAT in the realization of their projects.

Awards:- Win the abilty to pitch your project in Paris on June 20th, and compete for a coaching delivered by WHAT on your project, or win an Amazon voucher (€ 250).

Deadline:- 20-06-2017

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