Expired: XIII Tapirulan Illustrators Contest

Tapirulan Illustrators Contest

This year’s theme is CIAO.

Ciao is a friendly and informal greeting, used mostly in it’s native Italy, but also very common almost all over the world, mainly thanks to the many Italian emigrants who’ve taken it with them. You meet with a ciao, you introduce yourself with a ciao, you say goodbye with a ciao… How? Where? Who with? Why? We’ll leave the answers to all these questions to the fervid imaginations of our illustrators. 

You may submit only one illustration. Any medium and technique is allowed.

• First prize awarded by the jury: € 2,000
• Prize awarded by the registered subscribers of tapirulan.it: € 500
A jury will select 40 works to be published in the catalogue and to be displayed in the exhibition. Among the 40 works selected, 12 will also be published on the calendar.

Deadline:- 25-10-2017

Entry fees:-

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