xView 2018 Detection Challenge

xView 2018 Detection Challenge

Applying computer vision to overhead imagery has the potential to detect emerging natural disasters, improve response, quantify the direct and indirect impact — and save lives.

Interviews with disaster response and public safety experts informed xView’s 60-class ontology. We hope that xView will enable research and applications for important disaster relief missions.

Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) are releasing a new satellite imagery dataset to advance key frontiers in computer vision and develop new solutions for national security and disaster response.

xView is one of the largest publicly available datasets of overhead imagery. It contains images from complex scenes around the world, annotated using bounding boxes. The DIUx xView 2018 Detection Challenge is focused on accelerating progress in four computer vision frontiers:

1. Reduce minimum resolution for detection
2. Improve learning efficiency
3. Enable discovery of more object classes
4. Improve detection of fine-grained classes

Awards:- $100,000

Deadline:- 31-05-2018

Note:- U.S.A Only

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