Expired: ‘Yangjaegogae Eco Bridge’ Design Competition

Yangjaegogae Eco Bridge’ Design Competition

The proposed design is expected to be new and fresh and to match with the surroundings, and not be just a general bridge structure.

– Design competition promotion of the upper structure establishing a green network in an area that has been disconnected because of the Gyeongbu Expressway.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is promoting the Yangjaegogae Eco Bridge Design Competition which connects green areas that were disconnected for the Gyeongbu Expressway. The Yangjaegogae Eco Bridge Competition aims to connect green axis, as a part of the Ring of Green Phase of the 2030 Seoul Park and Green Basic Plan, also targets the preservation of wild animals and plants by obscuring animal’s roaming routes and improving citizens’ convenience by connecting with the Seoul Trails. After an evaluation of the entries, the results will be posted on the website, “Let’s Design Seoul” during this coming June and the winner will have the right of design.

The design competition targets experts in the areas of domestic and international civil engineering, architecture, and landscape design in order to create a new analysis and innovative design for the structure.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government experts from this design competition creative and innovative structure designs, which are different form a general bridge structure, showing a “harmonious design with nature,” “aesthetic value,” “an integrated design of structure,” a coexistence of ecology and pedestrians,” and “a new experiment of structure.” Also, it is expected that this design competition will be a bridgehead for new efforts for the civil engineering projects of the Seoul Metropolitan Government which has had low rates of participation in design competitions because of the characteristics of the projects.

Awards:- Design Contract for the Construction Documents

Deadline:- 26-05-2017

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