Expired: Young Bauhaus Research Colloquium

Young Bauhaus Research Colloquium

The Young Bauhaus Research Colloquium, Dust and Data, hosted by the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar as part of the International Bauhaus Colloquium, aims to reflect upon the most urgent theoretical, historical and political questions facing architecture today.

We invite papers by scholars to present research that seeks to locate architectural history and theory of modernism and the Bauhaus, specifically, against the backdrop of a world in flux. Scholars can be PhD candidates, PhD graduates or researchers in the field of architecture, architecture and art history, conservation studies, cultural theory, media and information science. Papers might address the following themes and questions: Under the theme OBJECTS we will explore the recent challenges of architectural research to approach and capture the objects of its history through practices of critical material analysis employed in restoration and conservation. How have new surveying and reproduction techniques challenged traditional processes of reproduction? What questions do they raise in relation to authenticity, fakeness, authorship, copyright and copy-left? The thematic section ARCHIVE will be assembled to discuss both old and new critical archival practices in architectural history. Topics such as physical and digital storage, classification and collection will be examined as ways to rewrite and reconsider historical narratives and the spaces that bring them into being. We will ask how changes in the documents that compose architecture – from physical photographs, documents, drawings, models and letters to digital production – challenge classification, collections and curatorial practices.

Awards:- will be invited to Young Bauhaus Research Colloquium 26–27 October 2016

Deadline:- 01-04-2016

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