Expired: Zooppa Mural contest

At Zooppa, it’s you (the community) that makes our company unique and inspiring. We’ve accomplished some amazing creative feats and cannot wait to keep growing together. Your artwork is what keeps us motivated throughout our day, and we’ve decided that being virtually connected is no longer enough. Zooppa wants your art to be a daily reminder to draw inspiration from; design a mural for the wall of Zooppa’s new Seattle office. That’s right! We’re upgrading our digs and want the community in on the action.

Murals are all about expression: they show passion, creativity, and heart. An amazing mural greatly impact the space it is in, the people who see it, and encompasses diverse stories and images. Whether they are done in a Banksy graffiti style or draw inspiration from Van Gough’s Starry Night, they make a wall come alive, and that life is what we are looking for.

Here at Zooppa, we pride ourselves on being a diverse and global company that offers creative talent from around the world; we want our new office space to express our originality. From the moment people walk in the door, we want them to see that at Zooppa: We. Get. Creative.

Your mission

Bring life into Zooppa’s new office. Design a mural to live on 1 of 3 walls in our new workspace. We want to brighten up the office, and to make it exciting and welcoming.

Here at Zooppa we are a melting pot of possibilities: with community members and employees from around the world, the variety of ideas, inputs, and unique takes on projects is what gives us our heart and character. Your perspective is what makes Zooppa one-of-a-kind, and the design should express what Zooppa means to you.

Bring inspiration into our new Zooppa office through your mural.



  • Do not use the spelled out Zooppa logo; you may use our stylized “Z” but it is not required and will not affect the judging of your mural
  • Murals must be: 8’x10’2″ (Wall 1), 8’x16’2″ (Wall 2). or 8’12’8″ (Wall 3)
  • Please do not use any profanity, nudity, religious symbols or settings, or negative content in your murals
  • Please do not use any logos or branded images in your murals (except for the “Z” for Zooppa)
  • Please submit a brief description with your mural
  • All finalist will be required to send a high quality file: 300 PPI, TIFF, PSD, AL, EPS
  • All entries must be your own work
  • Stock imagery allowed
  • The murals must be easy to replicate onto an office wall
  • Murals cannot be a map of the world
  • Winners and use fee recipients may be asked to complete minor revisions

Additional information

We’re looking for edgy, fun, and creative work. Showcase that we are truly unique and at the forefront of innovation.

  • Please check the resource tab for images of the wall, walk through video of the space, and the different wall dimensions
  • When you submit a design, please clearly indicate 1 of the 3 walls the design in meant for. You can submit a design for all 3 of the walls
  • The mural will be next to a wall with a map of the world (pictures available under the resource tab): therefore no mural of a map will be chosen as a winner
  • The office is carpeted, pictures of the carpet pattern and colors are available in the resource tab
  • All application fees will be paid for by Zooppa and are therefore not part of the award pool
  • It is not necessary to include the word “Zooppa,” a “Z,” or any Zooppa branding in your submission. Doing so is entirely up to you and your creative idea, and either way will not affect your award consideration
  • If you have any questions, contact support@zooppa.com

Awards:- $6000

Deadline:- 01-04-2016

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